Singles Ministry Jesus House Birmingham

 Pursuing, Achieving and Cultivating Excellence in Singles

Mission: P.A.C.E.S. is a group aimed at collectively improving the lives of single young adults through fellowship with others and study of the word. This group aims to provide avenues to form social connections both professionally and outside the professional world (to build strong and positive friendships).

Aim: We believe that being single is a time given to make choices that affect our futures and to learn more about ourselves through connections with others. It is also a time to understand and grow in God’s purpose for your life.

  1. To nurture Individuals who live a lifestyle in direct contrast to the world’s concept of the single person.
  2. To build a church that values singles.
  3. To encourage personal growth and development in the word of God.
  4. To form purposeful relationships that makes positive impacts in our spiritual and professional lives.
  1. June 18: Dinner @ 6pm
  2. July: Laser Tag/Combat
  3. 1st week in August: Trip to Florida
  4. September: Kayaking
  5. October/November: Go Kart
  6. December/January: Bowling Feel free to invite your

Feel free to invite your friends.