Visitor Infomation

Thank you for taking the time to check out our website. We know you probably have a few questions about our church and we hope that you will find the answers here.

If you‘d like to visit for a worship service and you need directions or have any question, feel free to Contact Us. We hope to see you soon and we look forward to inviting you into the Jesus House Family where God is reviving hope, and maximizing potential.

Where and when are your worship services?

We have services every Sunday morning starting at 9:00am with fresh anointing which is our Sunday school service. Our contemporary family worship service starts at 10:00am till 12 noon.

What about parking?

There are three different parking options. First, there is the main parking right outside the main entrance to the church building. Three spots are designated for handicap use on Sundays. There is a second parking spot on the south end of the church building. This parking spot sits between the church building and Morris Avenue. The third parking spot is outside the church office building on 3rd Street North and 1st Avenue North. All three parking spots are private parking and away from the street.

What should I wear?

Feel free to wear whatever clothes make you feel most comfortable. When you worship with us, you will find folks wearing jeans and T-shirts because some might be headed to the restaurant after church while others might be going to the library to study or to the park. You will also find others more dressed up, particularly during one of our thanksgiving Sunday worship services. But, frankly, it just doesn’t matter. We care more that you’re here, than about what you’re wearing.

How long are your Sunday worship services?

Sunday worship services usually starts at 10:00am until 12 noon. Our thanksgiving Sunday worship services often take extra 30 minutes or more, especially during a child dedication service.

What are your services like?

At Jesus House Birmingham, we focus mostly on worship, prayer, and teaching. We will share some announcements during the morning, pour out our hearts to God through prayers and music, and then hear a message about God’s word. The praise and worship songs are usually contemporary, led by our praise team, the Levites. Since our church is like a family, you may find some members hanging out and chatting with one another after service is over. You may even find food or a birthday cake being shared. Please feel free to join as you’re only a visitor once, after that, you’re a family.

Will I have to say anything, sign anything, or be singled out?

We usually ask if there are first-time visitors so that we can give you a Welcome Gift. Though we may ask for your name, but rest assured that you won’t be asked to stand and tell us a story about you, etc. We do like to collect some basic information from people in our guest registry, however, if you’d prefer not to, that’s all right with us. But don’t be surprised if someone notices you’re a visitor and offers a handshake, a hug, and an invitation to visit us again. That’s part of what makes us a family church.

What about the offering?  

Though we do receive an offering, but we don’t want anyone to feel obligated to give.

What about my kids?

We have Sunday school services for children from pre-k through 8th grade and a well trained staff to attend to them. Parents are always encouraged to attend and observe any our children’s classes.

I’m new in town. How can I get involved in the life of the church?

The Ministries page is a wonderful resource for groups that you can tap into. Or if music is your thing, check out the Levites. Why not volunteer to fold bulletins or help out in the church office? Just give them a call of ask one of the ushers at church. There are a ton of ways you can become involved. And once you do, you will wonder why you didn’t get involved sooner.

God bless you!